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Intellectual Property Patenting Services

Our newest division. Merging powerful legal protection with first class technology.

Are you an inventor, designer or technology professional? Do you have an innovation or product idea? Are you curious to know whether it is possible to patent your designs and how you would navigate the necessary steps to protect your intellectual property?

Speak to one of our advisors immediately. Thai International Law Firm have developed a proprietary piece of in house software that does all the hard work for you.

We are experts in establishing whether Intellectual Property (IP), which occurs from the documented expression of an idea, is protectable and can advise you on all steps of the process. Our experts are also very skilled in filing Trademarks in Thailand and World Wide for we are a member of APAA (Asian Patent Attorney Association).

Your idea might be an invention, a design, a product or brand. Most intellectual creations can be protected.

The intellectual property can be owned, bought and sold. But how do you know if your idea is patentable in the first place?

Thai International Law Firms advanced search and indexing software scans databases worldwide to establish whether existing patents, trademarks or copyright have been filled for your idea in over thirty countries. We will patent your product worldwide.

This revolutionary system determines whether your idea is patentable and will produce a SWOT analysis, with suggestions on how the idea can be improved in order to become more patentable.

Intellectual Property Patenting Services

The system is quick, easy and most importantly affordable.

It’s an essential procedure for any inventor or designer before starting work on any project.

We can save you thousands in costly legal battles and wasted production hours spent working on a design that already exists.

In short if your product, design or invention is using existing patented ideas, it’s worthless.

Thats why your first step in any new innovation is to contact us to determine the patentability and value of your idea.

Our consulting service will then guide you through the process of protecting your innovation.