Company Profile

Thai International Law Firm Co., Ltd.

Established deep in the heart of one of Worlds most unique cities, Bangkok. Thai International Law Firm Co., Ltd. has grown into one of Asia’s most respected and prominent IP and legal firms during the past 30 years.

As we are under the operation of Fareast Legal Professional Co., Ltd. the company is currently operated under the management of Mr.Viboon Tangkittipaporn Executive President and current Executive Chairman of the Fareast Professional group.

Our offices are a beehive of activity comprised of experienced lawyers and rising legal consultants. All committed to servicing clients with highest degree of professional efficiency and honesty.

Thai International Law Firm has expanded over the decades to offer a comprehensive and wide range of legal services.


Our newest department merges technology and legal consulting to powerful effect. Our intellectual property patenting service offers the ability to assess your products patentability within minutes using our high speed proprietary software and legal prowess.

Our advisors will then guide you through all the necessary steps towards ensuring your innovation is protected.

Our litigation practice provides both civil and criminal litigations, including also high profile, confidential and complex cases.

A powerful legal consulting team concentrates in the areas of business transaction, banking and finance, international trade and investment.

We have an in house audit team versed in modern methods of analysis, tax planning, accounting and auditing.

In addition our general office has several detective on staff.

The foundation created over thirty years ago was a strong one and the company has since grown in reputation to be regarded as one of Thai’s premier law firms by clients both locally and internationally (especially the People’s Republic of China.)

We are excited about our expansion, which see’s us constantly recruiting additional legal experts in order that clients worldwide can experience our levels of service.

We are excited about the future of law. But most of all we are excited about new partners, new ventures and new clients.

We look forward to meeting you.