Legal Consulting and Litigation

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Litigation, in its broadest sense, is simply the process of taking a case through court. However you know as well we do that legal proceedings can be far from simple and can often be highly complex. We invite you to explore how our legal consulting team can help you unravel the complexities and aid with your litigation issues.

Thai International Law Firm provides our clients an extensive range of high quality legal services for both civil and criminal litigations as well as administrative law, labor law, bankruptcy and rehabilitation proceedings.

We also cover the areas of taxation, intellectual property, transportation, international trade, telecom and energy, environment and technology including execution of judgment.

Our advisors have years of experience providing legal consulting services in the areas of trade and investment, banking and finance, taxation, technology transfer, unfair commercial competition, anti-trust law, and dumping.

Included in these services are the drafting and revising of commercial contracts, corporation’s rules, and documentation for joint venture projects. All contracts and legal opinion services can be written in either Chinese, English or Thai.

We can provide registration services enabling you to form partnerships, Ltd. companies, public companies, foundations, associations or co-operations.

As described in detail we specialise in providing registration services for patents and trademarks including copy right recordings.

We can issue you with a representative to negotiate and compromise on your behalf in relation to legal disputes, demurrage claims including arbitration proceedings and enforcement of arbitration awards.

Our legal personnel can even help in the preparation and filling of all documents in order to obtain work permits, temporary or permanent residence permits in the Kingdom for immigrants including nationalization.  

If you need to certify legal documents via a public witness we can also provide this facility.

We have over 30 years experience providing legal consulting services for business licenses or permission in relation to investment promotion or industrial estate including business investment in the People’s Republic of China.