How the service works:

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Finding Prior Arts:

The first stage of the process is the execution of a prior art search. Our professional patent searchers will scan 8 worldwide databases to help you determine if your invention is novel before we commit towards obtaining a patent. This search involves complex searching of 8 databases that cover a worldwide region for patents, patent applications and other documents (trademarks and copyright) which will determine the patentability/trademarkeability of your idea.

Determine Patentability/Trademark:

When the search is concluded our patent/trademark lawyers will determine for you whether your invention is indeed patentable or trademarkable.

Our consultants will also determine whether you may trademark or copyright the invention and if it is necessary to apply for a trade-secret or improvement patent or whether you should apply for a petty patent instead.

Filing Patent:

If your IP is patentable our advisors will proceed with the process of filing the patent. We will draft the patent and make an application for patent within Thailand.

From 2012 patents in Thailand are classified as PCT (Patent Co-operation Treaty) and Nationalization. This means that after filing for patentability in Thailand we are then able to apply for patents in roughly 142 countries worldwide covering your claim priority date.

This classification makes us able to use the original filing date in Thailand to claim priority dates the world over.

We will advise on other countries your innovation should apply for and assist with applying for patents worldwide to ensure maximum protection against IP.

Not only can we file for new patents, we can also apply for improvement patents upon existing ideas.

Opposition Patent:

Our Patent Opposition service will help with any challenges towards the validity of your patent – both during the period when a patent application is being reviewed, and after the patent has been granted.
We can also assist in opposing other patents in order to protect the profitability of your intellectual property. If successful in challenging a patent it may be completely or partly revoked.
The above process is the same when applying for Trademarks, Trade-secrets and Copyright. All of these services are available through Thai International Law Firm and we will advise during the Patenting process as to other ways in which you can protect your idea, also assisting with the applications and all litigation.

Once we have determined whether your innovation is either patentable, trademark-able or open for copyright our in house software and service will also:

  • Value your IP to determine how much the individual patents will cost.
  • Determine the marketability of your innovation.
  • Determine whether the innovation will be a trade-secret or improvement patent
  • Ascertain the trademark ability of your creation within Thailand (including SWOT analysis and recommendations for improvement of trademark ability).
  • If existing patents, trademarks or trade secrets are in place, determine the dates these were established and render warnings to firms to re-apply if necessary or lose patents.
  • Establish whether your innovation is a trade secret or an improvement patent as opposed to a directly patentable idea.

For instance our deliverables for filing a Trademark 8-in-1:

  • Trademark results by classification and pricing to that classification 
  • General Advice
  • Filing Application
  • Receipt of Filing and Dates
  • Results of Searching as of Date
  • Gazette Advertisement
  • Certified Trademark 1 original Copy (subjected to trademark filing results)
  • Date to which must renew trademark

Speak to our friendly advisors today to discover how our proprietary software can search the market for you in minutes and advise on whether your idea is patentable.