Intellectual Property Service

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We are a member of IPAT (Intellectual Property Association of Thailand), APAA (Asian Patent Attorney Association), INTA (International Trademark Association) and we are certified Patent Agent from Thailand Department of Intellectual Property, Court of Trade and Intellectual Property and World Intellectual Property Organization Summer School.

General Intellectual Property Services

We specialize in the areas of Trademark Registration, Patent Registration, Registration of Industrial Designs, Filing of Literary and artistic and digital works, Prior Art Search and Intellectual Property Rights, Copyright Filing.

We provide services of filing and registering your Copyright, Patent, or Trademark in more than 150 countries around the world. Our services also include renewal of trademark registration, making annual and periodic payments for patent, make rights of priority request, obtaining supplementary protection certificate for patents, obtaining certificate of authentication for protection, make objections of registration, making delisting requests for similar marks for our clients, providing grievances of the decisions to the General Registrar.

We also specialize in Licensing Technology out and inside of Thailand.

Legal Defense and Judiciary Services

Our legal defense and judiciary services are as follows:

  • We defend all rights that are protected which have faced a violation or abused by others in front of commercial and criminal and civil courts.
  • Claiming confiscate of abused materials or works or counterfeit goods and destroy them.
  • Claim the moral and material compensation for damages done to our clients in regards to the Intellectual property rights.